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Solid wood flooring

More and more people choose a three-layer parquet, why so popular?

Specifications Thickness: three-layer parquet thickness of the surface to determine its service life, <a href="">cheapest pvc fence panel manufacturer</a> the thicker the surface sheet, the longer the wear resistance, the European three-layer parquet thickness of the general requirements of 3.5 mm or more. Thick middle layer is the main source of the three-layer parquet feeling, <a href="">waterproof diy flooring for bathroom</a> the middle layer thickness of the three-layer parquet is more than 7mm, the thickness of middle layer of the three-layer parquet is 9mm, the foot feeling is very comfortable .

Solid wood: three layers of solid wood flooring sub-table, core, the end of the three-tier, the surface layer of wear-resistant layer, but also visual aesthetic layer, the material should be selected hard texture, beautiful tex<a href="">high quality wpc pergola for backyard</a> ture of the tree species.

Surface paint: high-grade wood composite floor surface using UV matte paint,<a href="">exterior plastic wood floor tiles</a>  this paint is UV-cured, the wear resistance is very good, the family does not use waxing maintenance, the use of more than a decade without painting.

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