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Flooring, coffee and you meet in the romantic passion

Carrying a cup of thick Simba, a talk about home, talk floor or other, feel the warmth of the festive atmosphere. December 23, 24 days two days, in Jinsheng International home Jiangdong stores, love Nova Sai floor, organized by the "Winter Sonata - South American style flooring sentiment shopping festival" for the guests to create a rich passion and romantic shopping environment.
The reporter was informed that in the shopping festival, the organizers not only large-scale promotional actions, but also ingenuity for each of the customers to provide free coffee. "We do not have home appliances donated, there is no precious gift, no cash feedback, there is only a thick cup of coffee." Nanjing headquarters said. It is understood that the floor and the global chain Starbucks coffee shop cooperation in the floor mood shopping festival day, every scene to purchase the floor of consumers can enjoy free Starbucks coffee, unlimited drinks. A special Christmas gift for those who wish to visit the shopping festivals is to be able to feel the love and warmth that come from the love of the floor during the special day of Christmas.
In this shopping festival, Ainuo France race flooring, Fulin floor, South American style flooring three series, will also participate in none other promotional activities. 5000 square meters, not limited to the color of the laminate flooring and imitation wood floor, with 18 yuan / ㎡ price, heavy volume Nanjing, throughout the city. Another, 2000 ㎡ ten best-selling solid wood flooring, 99 yuan per square meter price of limited sales. According to the person in charge of love Novartis, the customer must be a VIP exclusive VIP customers can enjoy these benefits before the start of the shopping festival, consumers can live, telephone, network, SMS, etc. to apply to become VIP exclusive customers.
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