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Study on Compatibility of Wood - Plastic Composites

<p>With the development of science and technology and society, people's performance requirements of plastic materials is also getting higher and higher.[url= ]Balcony flooring decoration materials[/url] It is a hot research area to utilize the potential of plant fiber resources and to develop its new application fields by exploiting its unique functions and characteristics.<a href="">laminate wpc flooring</a></p>

<p>However, plant fibers also have the processing temperature is low, intolerant of moisture and poor compatibility with thermoplastics and other shortcomings.<a href="">WPC fence material</a> And the poor compatibility between hydrophobic thermoplastics and hydrophilic plant fibers is the biggest disadvantage of this composite material. This poor interfacial compatibility results in poor dispersion of the fibers in the plastic matrix and a decrease in mechanical properties, [url= ]Balcony flooring decoration materials[/url]limiting the use of vegetable fibers in plastics.</p>

<p>In order to improve their interfacial compatibility between the two,<a href="">outdoor waterproof flooring</a> to play their respective advantages, to enhance the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composites, to expand its use of a long time, scholars in various countries are trying to find new ways to make this composite materials To meet the actual needs of the use,[url= ]Outdoor wall panel[/url] and achieved a series of stage results.</p>

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