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WPC direct extrusion method

<p>Using one-step direct extrusion, the material is homogenized in the extruder and shaped by the geometrical shape of the mold part.Wpc Outdoor Wall Panels The extruder is designed to have unique compression and low shear mixing capabilities to optimize the surface area of ?<a href="">Super Wear Resistance WPC Flooring</a> the feed zone so that the heat transfer process of the screw to the raw material is more uniform and more uniform.</p>

<p>In the design of the screw to provide a larger feeding area for loose materials and processing in the natural compressive force applied,<a href="">WPC Hollow Decking</a> the result is more efficient wood powder "wet." While reducing the shear force, the deep screw between the twin screws and the compact inter-tooth gap optimize the mixing of the extrudate.Park wood-plastic fence At low screw speeds, high torque is used to melt and mix with gentle low shear to reduce the wood powder decomposition rate.</p>

<p>Wood fiber filling material viscosity is great, a lot of shear in the sticky heat, and the wood-plastic mixture of low thermal conductivity,Durable white composite fence both of which are caused from the melt can not pass out enough heat to prevent wood Fiber degradation and cracking. This processing of materials not only put forward higher requirements for equipment,<a href="">WPC flower box advantages</a> but also limits the application of wood-plastic composites.</p>

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