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knows the teak floor

Shanghai HuaYue floor shop will many of the "disc beans" floor into a "handle", and manufacturers of promotional materials also claimed that "disc beans", commonly known as "green handle sang". The fact is, "green handle sang" than "disc beans" rare. Store in xin "new" floor, experts found the floor manufacturer will "two wings beans" WPC Wall Panel after add color, posing as "twin leaf brazilwood" sale.

While fiber PiYuRui additive, has become an "chestnut brown lam RenMu", also known as "South American black pear wood". Wu pear wood stating otherwise are completely erroneous. Since the daily business newspaper on September 20, exclusive issued a consumer warning High Environmental Protection Courtyard PVC Fence, after floor market then there were two very different changes: one is one of the largest heavy wood sales fraud reduced obviously, the day did not find fake "heavy wood floor.

found only low level heavy formic wood as high-grade wood, shoddy. 2 it is fake maple still, "European maple", "Canadian maple", "European red maple" can be seen everywhere, birch pretend to be. Province forest patrol sampling inspection station did yesterday, recently will continue to the floor of a massive quality inspection, the sampling results will be announced in business exclusive.

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