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Extrusion Molding Technology of WPC Composites

<p>Extrusion can be used for wood-plastic composite products are single-screw extruder,<a href="">WPC decking</a> twin-screw extruder and tandem disc extruder. Currently mainly two main before, the latter for wood-plastic composite extrusion is a new research field, is still in the experimental stage.[url= ]outdoor waterproof flooring[/url] Extrusion method is one of the most important processing methods in wood-plastic composites. This is a low consumption, high output, suitable for all kinds of profiles, sheet metal production process.</p>

<p>WPC extrusion process: wood fiber / wood flour / shavings by a special feeding device in the continuous melting of plastic feeding,<a href="">WPC decorative wall panels</a> wood fiber / wood flour / wood shavings in the twin-screw extruder is fully mixed. At this point the moisture in the wood by the vacuum pump away. After the mixing is sufficient, the mixture is extruded from the die at a pressure to form a profile or plate. This extrusion allows the extrusion of homogeneous materials.[url= ]WPC outdoor wall panels[/url] The use of this type of wood processing needs to be dry to prevent bubbles in the composite material, while the wood fiber / fibrous shavings to diameter ratio is small, so when processing a large number of wood fibers / fibrous shavings intertwined into groups, Affect product quality, but also to equipment vulnerable to damage.</p>

<p>In the extrusion process temperature, speed is the main parameter. If the temperature is too high, the wood fiber will soon degrade, its mechanical strength is reduced, the color becomes dark, thus affecting the strength of the composite material. General processing temperature is between 150 �� -200 ��.[url= ]outdoor flooring suppliers[/url] The speed of rotation and the residence time of the wood fibers in the extruder have a significant effect on the material. If the rotation speed is too fast, the shearing force increases and a large amount of wood fibers and wood shavings are cut and the two materials are mixed unevenly;<a href="">swimming pool decking</a> Slow, wood fibers and wood shavings in the extruder residence time is too long will make some wood fiber or wood wool degradation.</p>

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