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Kelsey MillerMarch 3, 2014, 8:20 PMPhotographed by Ruby Yeh.Some days, you're on. The blood is pumping, energy is high, and you jump off the bike with a bright, shiny tomato face and the pride of a workout well done. Then, there are the other days Moncler Men Vests Sale — those days when you spend 30 minutes taking a leisurely stroll on the treadmill while playing Candy Crush. There's exercising and then there's just "going to Moncler Women Jackets Black Friday the gym." Let's be real: If you can text, you can't be sweating that hard.AdvertisementIn the past, I've often fallen prey to this half-assery when it comes to exercise. I'd leave the gym sweat-free, telling myself I'd earned a frozen yogurt, then spend the rest of the day humblebragging about my super hardcore, responsible-adult morning workout. "Ugh, my hair's still wet from when I showered AT THE GYM this morning." I know, I know. Please shut up, past-me.From the beginning, one of the crucial goals of The Anti-Diet Project was to change my relationship with fitness. Not only did that mean finding a way to integrate it into my life in a sustainable way, but also to stop with that bullshit. No more faux-workouts. Fitness doesn't mean you need to run a marathon or even go to the actual gym every day. But, it does mean you need to get your heart pumping.I work out five days a week. Two of those days are with my lovely, whip-cracking trainer, Stephanie, and three are on my own. Knowing how easy it is to slip into slack-mode, committed though I was, I employed Moncler Women Coats Black Friday Sales a few tools to keep me honest. First, I began Moncler Kids Coats wearing a FitBit to track my steps and aim for 10,000 every day. I don't use the calorie or food-tracking functions of the FitBit, but it is one of the best pedometer options out there (especially if you don't like the traditional hip-clip style, which, as a dress person, I do not). Second, and crucial to my workout, I began using a heart-rate monitor.Before there were FitBits and FuelBands, there were traditional heart-rate monitors that helped you stay within your optimal heart rate while working out. Today, this is still one of the best, no-BS fitness tools out there. It keeps you directly accountable to yourself. There's no fooling it. You're either working hard, or you're not. While you can find monitors with all kinds of accessories and options, I went for the basic Polar FT4 — discreet and dummy proof. No way I could use the old "couldn't figure it out" excuse and have another easy-breezy Candy Crush workout.Third, and perhaps the greatest tool in my arsenal: The Emotional Workout Playlist.AdvertisementPhotographed by Ruby Moncler Women Vests Sale Yeh.The Emotional Workout Playlist was born the day I began tracking my heart rate. I first used the monitor while on Thanksgiving vacation in France. Barred from outdoor workouts by icy rain, I spent the week exercising on the elliptical machine in my aunt's 150-year-old attic (in between baguette breakfasts and tarte tatin, don't worry).I started out with my usual podcast before switching to music. Beyonce's "Best Thing
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