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Substandard products all delisting

Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau Consumer Protection Department official said, the monitoring found in substandard goods, will take mandatory measures to push the city. Business people at the same time to remind the public to buy home improvement materials, one-sided pursuit of low prices, should choose a good reputation, high-profile goods; Second, some smell of the material, may require businesses to issue commodity quality inspection report, to guard against formaldehyde .
The purpose is to assess its impact on the environment. Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong smell of irritating gas, soluble in water, is a common volatile organic compounds, its human health effects mainly in the sense of smell abnormalities, irritation, allergies, lung dysfunction, liver function Abnormal, immune dysfunction. Most of the reported concentration of its role in more than 0.1ppm, the individual reported its concentration in the 0.05-0.06ppm, children prone to chest tightness.
Wood-based panel is a national mandatory standards, the actual situation is still not optimistic, mainly due to the use of manufacturing enterprises of poor quality or unstable adhesive; did not use the formaldehyde contained in the adhesive for effective treatment of the production of sheet metal is not carried out Processing; not through the production license manufacturers without basic means of inspection, the quality can not be guaranteed, resulting in a large number of substandard products flow to the market.
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