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Application of Wood - Plastic Composites

<p>Wood-plastic composite materials applications Wood-plastic materials used in the packaging industry is the main tray, crates, containers and other equipment.<a href="">cheap outdoor floor</a> So there is a big market demand in China. Wood-plastic material with moisture-resistant, anti-moth-eaten, etc., for the storage industry to use the shelf shelf, sleepers, paving beams, flooring and so on.[url= ]Hollow WPC floor[/url] Wood pavilion made of materials, seats, flower pots, trash, and so has a waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion characteristics, and long life and low prices.</p>

<p>With wood-plastic composite materials for housing, outdoor floor sun room terminals, rails and other products have started in foreign countries started.[url= ]cheap outdoor wall panel[/url] In recent years, wood-plastic composite materials as part of the wood material is to a variety of other plant fiber materials development, therefore, from a broader sense, the wood-plastic composite material has become essentially a variety of plant fiber materials for the matrix,<a href="">outdoor fence Dealer</a> And a variety of different types of plastic to form a new type of composite materials.</p>

<p>It will help to alleviate the current shortage of wood resources and waste recycling problems,<a href="">WPC flooring installation</a> improve the added value of the product can be widely used in the automotive industry, construction industry, interior decoration,[url= ]cheap outdoor flooring suppliers[/url] home appliances and transportation industries. Study of wood-plastic composite materials is the history of the development of the revolutionary wood industry is the development of modern materials industry, one of the main direction.</p>

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