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Children's room what good wood flooring?

<p>For different ages of children, children's room decoration also need to make some changes. In the choice of floor decoration materials, wood flooring is undoubtedly the best choice. Whether a child is in infancy or growth period, a good wooden floor can give their childhood escort. 0 ~ 4-year-old children's room decoration: for 0 to 4-year-old children, children's room decoration to environmental protection and safety design principles. This time the children are learning to crawl and walk the time, the ground is the most important activity area, so the selection of ground decoration materials is particularly important.</p>

<p> Flooring material recommended to choose a comfortable foot of solid wood flooring, and the floor of the environmental breakdown must reach E0 level. The ground should not lay the carpet, because it is easy to adsorb dust mites, adverse health. In addition, this time the color of the child's perception of the most sensitive, so the children's room wall should be bright mainly should not be too much color. 5 to 7-year-old children's room decoration: 5 to 7-year-old children's room decoration need to pay attention to the safety of furniture and material selection, children's furniture to avoid the purchase of iron products and metal products to the most natural wood, To be wrapped corner processing. </p>

<p>Children of this age like running around to play, in the course of running will inevitably fall, if the fall in the hard cold ceramic tile or marble surface, hurt the parents and heartache. Therefore, the children's room floor should still choose solid wood flooring, on the floor covered with soft carpet, the child can fall when the buffer and protect the role. 8 to 11-year-old children's room decoration: 8 to 11-year-old children into the school age, independent of the same time will also occur acts of sabotage. Therefore, this period of the children's room decoration need to pay attention to wear-resistant dirt easy to take care of. Children's choice of floor materials, wear-resistant care is one of the factors to consider. Strengthen the floor surface with a protective layer of aluminum oxide, it has good wear resistance, compared with the solid wood flooring without regular waxing, and care more convenient. </p>

<p>This time the children's room decoration color also because of men and women have a lot of difference, the boy's room selection of blue series, such as blue, green, blue, etc .; girls room selection red series, such as pink, Orange and so on. 12 to 16-year-old children's room decoration: When the child is 12 to 16 years old, has been in the stage of secondary school, in addition to environmental protection and security, you need to consider the privacy of children's room decoration, there is learning atmosphere shaping. This stage of the children's room wall is more emphasis on durability and long-term, the wall should choose beige, white quiet color and so on. At this time the choice of children's furniture room should also consider the long-term, you can buy larger furniture, but also to avoid frequent replacement of furniture later, this time the basic layout of the children's room down</p>

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