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Solid wood flooring prices

Early last year to this year, almost quarterly price of solid wood flooring. According to businessmen said that since last year, the majority of solid wood flooring prices two percent,[url= ]How to Build a Pergola Over a Deck[/url] the maximum increase of 40 %%. According to industry estimates, with the global energy tightening, solid wood flooring production will be substantially reduced, the future will become the mainstream market of solid wood flooring.

1. Solid wood flooring
Panonyan is the island's most important economic Lanyu timber and fruit trees. Wood dark reddish brown, dense and heavy, with a curved curved black wood texture,[url= ]How to Build Plastic Rail for Deck[/url] can be made of housing columns, Dong wood, beam plate, side wall, floor and so on. Pterocarya stenophylla heartwood light red brown or reddish-brown, wood brown, with golden luster, stripes criss-crossed, with dark tissue band, uniform structure, weight and strength medium. Applicable to furniture, flooring, interior decoration.[url= ]decking materials advantages and disadvantages[/url] Beijing users are not recommended, unless you do not install the home to warm or heating. The longan is now the market price of 175 yuan per square meter.

2. Solid wood flooring

Oak is a quercus, is a beech, tree heart was yellow to red brown, growth round obvious,[url= ]Outdoor Landscape Feature Wall Ideas[/url] slightly corrugated, heavy and hard. Red oak color, texture, characteristics and nature will change with the origin, the southern red rubber than the rapid growth of the northern red oak, and the wood is hard and relatively dry, the red oak is very hard, North color is reddish, partial white, and the color uniformity, suitable for light-colored products, the color is very good, and the color is very good, North-South spreads, and now the market price is different.

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