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Flooring companies compete for the end of the market

In 2006, the flooring industry prices all the way up a year, while the overall development trend from the current point of view, prices will continue to rise. Anxin Li Yang floor stores with superior resources to control the upstream capacity and purchasing power, and its six major brands signed a buyout contract, the first floor consumer section. Not only to the needs of the floor during the year to enjoy the benefits of consumers, while orders can be delayed until March 30, So that in 2007 the floor of the consumers need to enjoy the same holiday benefits.
"Through the floor of the consumer section of the festival, given the floor to the consumer 'transparent, simple, it is' concept. We will adhere to the annual floor of the annual consumption of such an annual festival, it becomes a We store the festival, but also consumer festivals, we also assemble the floor type, the convergence of the elite brand, to meet different consumer demand.
Than the Ka floor for five consecutive years the national sales of similar products ahead of the Chinese wood floor market credibility of well-known brands, "and so on, 05 re-won the geothermal floor manufacturer of professional awards for five consecutive years ranked multi-storey solid wood flooring industry sales.
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