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Definition of WPC Composites

<p>Wood-plastic composite material (WPC) is made of wood as the main raw material (in the form of sawdust, sawdust, bamboo chaff, rice husk, wheat straw, soybean hulls,<a href="">durable patio decking</a> peanut shells, bagasse, cotton stalks, etc.), with appropriate treatment to (PVC), polyethylene PEA, polypropylene (PPS), polystyrene (PST), polymethyl methacrylate (CPMM), and poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) as the thermoplastic (PE),[url= ]WPC fence material[/url] polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), etc.) in a certain proportion and add special additives.</p>

<p>Such as coupling agents, dispersants, plasticizers, lubricants, heat stabilizers, coloring agents, flame retardants, mold agents and other processing aids, high temperature,<a href="">outdoor decking</a> extrusion, molding and other processes made of a new composite Materials, is a high-performance, high value-added green composite materials, its excellent performance, versatile, environmentally friendly,[url= ]DIY deck[/url] have broad prospects for development, it is worth vigorously research and development promotion.</p>

<p>Wood-plastic composite material classification, wood-plastic composite manufacturing methods are mainly two kinds: one is the plastic monomer or low degree of polymerization of resin into the wood,<a href="">DIY deck composite</a> heating or radiation caused by plastic monomer or low degree of polymerization Resin in the wood for free radical polymerization, the resulting composite called plastic wood. This composite method can improve the dimensional stability of wood, corrosion resistance, decay resistance,[url= ]Corrosion resistant WPC fence[/url] as well as the physical and mechanical properties of wood. Generally, monomers such as styrene and methyl methacrylate are used as the monomers to be impregnated.</p>

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