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Layout Wooden Floors

Three floor, seven install, if you want to have a comfortable floor, not only the quality of the floor itself is better,floating deck over concrete the floor installation process is also very important. The flooring is a detailed and cumbersome thing, in addition to the floor, there are a variety of accessories, less of a lay on the floor and the future use of the impact.

Flooring is a modern home decoration commonly used in the laying of the floor, the floor is not a whole, need a piece of the shop. The laying of the floor and ultimately a variety of natural materials, then the floor laying the necessary accessories are what?

Floor nails
Most of the wooden floor has to be used to closely adjacent to the wooden floor of the mouth, after the floor is relatively flat, but it is better to nail the floor nails, purchase outdoor anticorrosive decking costs can make the floor more stable, not easy to arch, to avoid the floor loose.

Floor keel
Because most of the owners of the room floor is not completely flat, in order to ensure the level of wood floor pavement, the keel played a role in leveling the ground;paint plastic planter to look like wood  solid wood flooring can not be directly on the ground, the need to pave the wood keel to increase the solid wood flooring Feeling. If it is laying laminate flooring, generally do not need keel rendering.
Flooring keel from the material can be divided into wood keel, plastic keel, aluminum keel and so on. Most of the use of wood keel, and m keel quality is directly related to the solidity of the floor and home environment of environmental protection.

Baseboard, buckle
Floor laying process, the wall and the junction of the two regions need something as a block, beautify the overall effect,wpc raw material singapore the role of baseboard and buckle embodied in this.
Baseboard, also known as skirting board, affixed to the wall, from the block and suppress the floor edge of the role of the floor, while both landscaping, usually wood, but also plastic, alloy material.
Buckles, also known as the income side of the buckle, the income side, for the connection of different space floor connection, such as the room and the living room, the stairs facade and plane.

Floor plastic
The role of the floor glue is formed in the junction of the floor film, effectively locking the floor of the free formaldehyde. Floor glue itself is environmentally friendly, as the main indicators of choice of plastic flooring.

Mats, moisture-proof film
As the laying of laminate flooring does not require the keel, the use of suspended laying method, is about to floor directly on the mat, the radiation method is simple, short construction period, low cost, and laminate flooring prices lower than solid wood flooring. As the mat is between the floor and the ground, the space is small, easy to breed bacteria, we must choose a mat with anti-corrosion function, the real moisture, mute the role.
Moisture-resistant membrane is laid between the keel and solid wood flooring in order to cut off moisture, to prevent the wood floor damp. Generally each moisture-proof membrane with the adjacent moisture-proof membrane overlap 5 cm, the corner should be more than 5 cm.

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