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Brief Introduction of Wood Plastic Industry in China

<p>China's wood-plastic composite materials research and development work began in the 1990s, compared with foreign wood-plastic composite materials research and development late 10 years. Since the late 90s,<a href="">Cheap outdoor decking</a> with Europe and the United States and other countries from China to limit the wooden packaging, domestic wood-plastic materials research and development and technology into a period of rapid development.[url= ]WPC installation[/url] To the beginning of this century, the domestic wood-plastic industry prototype gradually.</p>

<p>Wood-plastic materials industry as a multi-faceted large-scale specialized edge of the emerging industries, its equipment, technology and processes related to precision machinery, fine chemicals,<a href="">DIY deck</a> hydraulic transmission, vacuum technology, thermal conductivity, fluid mechanics, sensing technology, electronic control And computer programming, and many other disciplines and professional, China WPC in many professional organizations with the support and cooperation, through continuous development and innovation,[url= ]WPC outdoor wall panels[/url] is now gradually self-contained. In the national circular economy policy incentives and business potential demand for dual driving force, the national "wood plastic heat" is gradually rising.</p>

<p>According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2006, the country directly or indirectly engaged in wood-plastic composite materials research and development,[url= ]teak boat decking[/url] production and supporting enterprises and institutions has more than 150, the current trend is still in the ascendant, including state-owned, private, Joint ventures and other types. WPC industry employees tens of thousands of people, a substantial increase in production capacity, wood-plastic products with an annual output of more than 120,000 tons, the annual output value of more than 20 billion yuan.<a href="">outdoor decking</a> From a global perspective, has become the North America, the development trend and market capacity of the most optimistic region.</p>

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