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Solid wood flooring maintenance

Solid wood flooring because of its good foot, long life, natural simplicity,tongue and groove manufactured decking laying good effect, and other advantages sought after by consumers, more and more consumers choose to lay solid wood flooring, then the completion of new homes to stay, solid wood flooring how to Maintenance? Scratches and how to repair it?

First, prevention
In the life of carelessness will be heavy objects, sharp objects fell to the wood floor or soles have sand in the wood floor walking,porch plastic wood decking manufacturer will be different degrees of wood floor surface scratches, damage to the floor surface paint; owners to prevent, it is recommended Users in the interior door or indoor placement of a carpet to prevent the sand on the shoe into the floor, the best indoor soft soled shoes to walk.

Second, scratches deeper treatment
There is also a situation that the scar deep, can be used to fill the solid repair wax, and then use the paint pen to carry out color, and finally polished. If you think this is cumbersome, veranda pvc fence for saleyou can buy a bottle of floor wax, and the normal mopping the same as the wipe, some not particularly deep scratches can be handled.

Third, scratches lighter treatment
Solid wood flooring surface is scratched, usually paint is also destroyed. This depends on the level of wood flooring surface scratches.alternative stone fencing with wpc fence If the surface film scratch shallow, you can use polished waxing approach to deal with, you can pull wipe clean.

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