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Knowledge of Wood - Plastic Composites

<p>1, the volume difference: the hollow structure of a wood-plastic material is about 2-2.5 m3 (30-35m 2), available volume close to 100%; ordinary timber round timber available volume less than 50%, only 70% .<a href="">Cheap WPC Pergola material</a> Life: in theory,balcony PVC railings the life of wood-plastic materials can reach 50 years, the current foreign wood-plastic material life has reached 10-15 years; and the current use of domestic use without special treatment of ordinary wood outdoor products use Years of general over three years.</p>

<p>2, the price comparison: the market price of wood-plastic products in the average 10,000 yuan RMB / ton,<a href="">Outdoor WPC Product For Sale</a> according to the proportion, the volume converted price of 5,000 yuan / m3 or so; and the current market price of wood material in the 6000-8000 yuan / M3. If the calculation of the type of material, wood plastic domestic offer up to 350 yuan / m2, while the general offer wood profiles are 300 yuan down and down. Environmental assessment: wood preservative, for example,Best Deck Boats the biggest problem now is the harm to the environment and the human body, the current domestic use of ICQ technology (ie, low toxicity of corrosion) of the few companies, most of the products exported abroad;</p>

<p>3, the use of CCA technology (ie harmful corrosion) of the products more and more restricted,<a href="">Boat Flooring Options</a> such as the United States to prohibit the use of CCA wood preservative technology. The use of wood-plastic material decoration, you can achieve "zero time to stay" to achieve the purpose of green, the negative impact on the environment is almost zero.High fireproof private courtyard PVC fence ASTM D7031-2004 Standard Guide for Evaluating the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood-Plastic Composites; ASTM / D7032-2006 Standard Specification for Performance Level of Wood-Plastic Composite Decorative Boards and Guardrail Systems.</p>

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