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Flexible surface of solid wood flooring

Therefore, the organizers will focus on pre-activities to vigorously promote, through the newspaper hard, soft, Internet, radio, television and other forms of publicity for the activities of gathering popularity. Organizers look forward to this event to further promote the East flooring brand within the floor of the floor business sales for consumers to build a good platform to achieve the brand, consumers and business interaction between the benign, and gradually build brand awareness and brand floor Reputation.
September 20, China Forestry Industry Association, Decoration Paper Committee, floor professional committee held a grand meeting of the Chinese flooring industry technology. The theme of the conference is to inspire the majority of flooring and decorative paper industry, take the road of independent innovation in China, to provide strong technical support for the industry, the meeting also summed up the industry in recent years, scientific and technological innovation, recognition for the floor and decorative paper to contribute Of outstanding individuals and businesses.
In the awards ceremony, the long Sheng floor after two years of scientific and technological research "scratch-resistant flexible surface of solid wood flooring" is the first domestic use of European standards of solid wood flooring, filled the domestic solid wood flooring industry a number of gaps , Won the first prize of scientific and technological innovation! Five years of arduous pioneering, long-Sheng always depending on the company's own brand, professional and technical as the key, product innovation, is the most important!
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