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Wood - plastic industry development history

<p>Wood-plastic composite materials for more than eighty years of history, but has not been industrialized, 1985 only a small amount for sound-absorbing products.<a href="">WPC flooring installation</a> With the strengthening of the concept of environmental protection, in 1990 the United States, South Korea and Japan's industrial sector for the sawdust, waste wood chips and other applications,[url= ]High quality outdoor fence[/url] and the subsequent application of resources are to promote and accelerate the wood-plastic composite materials research and Application Development.</p>

<p>It is one of the most active fields in the extrusion industry to process the wood-flour compound compound into composite materials, and new application development is also emerging.<a href="">wood-plastic composite decking</a> Many countries put human, financial and material resources to accelerate the pace of development and application, and promote the rapid development of wood-plastic industry. Well-known US manufacturer of wood-plastic Farrel company that the development of wood-plastic composite materials is the environmental issues have been valued and the Earth's resources are decreasing results.[url= ]outdoor wall panel[/url] Experts believe that the development of wood-plastic composite materials from the rational use of the limited resources of the Earth's requirements, reducing the amount of raw wood, forest protection, recycling old wood flour and plastic.</p>

<p>Worldwide, the wood fiber is rich in resources, inexpensive, light, small wear and tear on the equipment,<a href="">High quality outdoor fence</a> good dimensional stability, excellent electrical insulation, non-toxic harmless, can be repeated processing. The thermoplastic waste plastics are mainly PE, PP, PS and other polyolefin and PVC, including new materials, recycled materials and the mixture of the two.[url= ]outdoor decking[/url] Sufficient source of raw materials for the development of wood-plastic industry provides the conditions.</p>

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