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Megan McIntyreMarch 7, 2013, 4:10 PMThere are so many clever puns here — most of them involve Snuggle, the fabric softener bear — but we're just going to lay this one out there because it's just too good on its own: There is now a fabric softener for your curls. Yes, you read that right.AdvertisementWe recently discovered Miss Jessie's Pillow Moncler Men Vests On Sale Soft Curls styling lotion, and gimmicky label aside, it's kind of awesome. Aimed at women who hate "ramen-noodle" Moncler Women Jackets Sale definition (so, everyone?) and are looking for a larger, more expanded curl, this styling Moncler Men Coats Sale lotion helps soften and de-frizz your ringlets, making them big and bouncy, without any crunchiness or stiffness.Simply apply a quarter-sized amount to damp, detangled hair from roots to ends, making sure to cover each strand. Then use your fingers to scrunch, style, and shape curls and wait for hair to air-dry. It's that easy. The formula is inspired by static-free fabric technology, which made us wonder Moncler Women Vests how someone Cheap Moncler Women Coats connected the dots between laundry and hair. We're awful glad they did, because the combination is a match made in hair heaven. However, we think the "clothesline fresh" scent is pushing the metaphor a little too far. You had us at fluffy, soft, and fresh guys?— no need to overdo it. Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls, $22, available at Moncler Men Jackets Target.AdvertisementBeauty ? Best Hair Product Guide ? Curly Hairstyles ? Hair

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