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锘? February 2 Duke Williams Jersey , Long rise, pai lou open , Sun Ssu Hermitage practice Chakpori ushered in the four tourists, spread the millennium Chakpori temple it would have begun to display their charm, demonstrating a unique culture of Chinese medicine health and rich and colorful tourist and cultural resources, from the March 16 start, to March 28 the curtain call of the temple, no doubt, is a feast.
February 2 Ji Sun Simiao

Noble medical ethics, medicine superb Sui and Tang Dynasties are the people known as the famous doctor Sun Ssu Medicine King, the local annual festival will be held in a variety of activities to commemorate the legendary miracle working doctor. A ceremony for this year s ceremony is also the Sun Ssu Medicine King Tongchuan sixth Medicine King Health and Culture Festival opening ceremony at 10:00 on March 16 scenic spots in the Chakpori officially held the South Temple. Gun salute sounded, play music sounded, representatives from various sectors looked solemn and respectful, in order, to the Medicine King presented bouquet of flowers and vegetables dishes, gathering incense. In the elegiac reading, bow Libi, a wealth interesting people show started, and is zoned Han Chuan, to play ball, as well as performances of traditional gongs and drums, colorful clothing, a variety of amusing, attracted tourists around the applause never stopped. Ritual for the table were fruit, snacks and a variety of surfaces made of with the animals: Dragon, Huanglong Adolphus Washington Jersey , Golden Rooster, lion, as well as a fish lying on the side, color bright, vivid look.
Wang medication to attract eyeballs

This year s Lunar New Year in February who started from the temple will start, and Chakpori bustling scene at the foot of the mountain, Shaanxi and well known characteristics of snacks, a variety of rings, shooting and other small game, trafficking characteristics, accessories, souvenir stalls lined up , there are a few camels standing in the central, though they looked disdainfully, but simply asked smiling photo of tourists is still fighting for the chance. With all eat, drink, no wonder the local temple will be known is their festival, is a young and old have fun one of the feast. To attend the temple will be an endless stream of tourists, Quwang Medicine King s Basilica of the steep stone steps slippery again, but the old people over 70, only teenage children, and even my mother in her arms a small baby, are pleased to go to the drug princes worship pray. Reporter in front of an aunt on the wearing of blue clothing were some difficulties, and even hands and feet, the difficult climb after it. The activities of the temple are many different types of exhibitions, cultural tourism attractions brilliant. But the most popular course ought to Medicine King hall and the feel the Lord Shaq Lawson Jersey , but unlike in the hall is so respectful, located in Cliff group of statues in the Song Dynasty, feel the Lord is surrounded by the people, touching the smooth shine. Where is rumored uncomfortable feeling where the Buddha can be Shoudaobingchu. Yaozhou District of mine aunt, said in an interview that she would come to temple, touch the Buddha mind is very happy. Temple will be filled with people to pray for safe and healthy, even the cypress hill and dale was the myth that people have the Bo tree branches inserted in clothes, hair. Looked from above, the mountainside of trees Misty flow of people, bustling, colorful flags with the wind dance of the stalls along the dazzling, full of celebration and joy.

From the Song Dynasty so far, Chakpori Medicine King has been a sacred place to commemorate the people, and in February will be two of the temple is one of the most important festival. In order to Chakpori natural cultural landscape, traditional Chinese medicine to further promote and develop culture, health, Tongchuan city leaders, Chakpori Authority have done a lot of work. In recent years, they are part of ancient buildings, artifacts, statues, roads repaired, invest in the construction of the fiscal Temple, Confucius Temple, Fu Shan; and Yuan Yuan Temple and the frescoes have been the means of modern technology repair completion been able to re available; and the transformation of the road is the road into the mountains so that more smoothly. In addition, the scenic area is also equipped with tourist facilities Jim Kelly Bills Jersey , leisure break, adding a number of participatory projects, so that visitors from the health and cultural exhibitions and exhibition specimens of medicinal plants benefited greatly. CMC said they hold the temple at the same time, to carry out s Manual Health and Culture Festival to medical health, health longevity as the theme, focus on displaying the Sun Ssu medicine cultural heritage, promote healthy and civilized lifestyle is to be s Manual brands into the country and the world.

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