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Main issues for laying composite wood flooring

<p>In general, the decoration temperature should be between 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃,<a href=" "> wpc decking floor for sale</a>  more than this temperature, then the floor is easy to become light, and too high temperatures will also affect the work of workers, not conducive to the final laying effect,<a href=" "> wood plastic composite decking bush fire</a>  we must avoid Open high temperature weather. In addition to high temperature, not to rush construction period in the rain when the construction, especially in continuous rainy days, rainy days, the air humidity is usually 70% or more, will affect the wood floor pavement effect, the future may also appear the floor From the arch, tilt and other issues.</p>
<p>The floor clearance is too large</p>
<p>Some renovation workers in order to save time, when the floor is not the floor to fight a little closer, <a href=" "> Timber Supplier in Malaysia</a> this will lead to dry weather, the floor contraction, the floor gap will become larger, resulting in loose or deformation of the floor.</p>
<p>Just paved to stepped on</p>
<p>Just finished the floor neat and beautiful, then put the rest of the things on the floor,<a href=" "> House Fence in Malaysia</a> looks like a very use of space look. In fact, composite wood flooring in just paved good 48 hours, try to avoid walking around on the floor and place heavy objects, to give the glue adhesive to leave enough space and time. </p>

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