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New Girls Air Jordan VII Sneaker For Sale Online

<a href="">New Jordans 2016</a>, In 1988, the American college basketball team failed in the Olympic Games to the American Basketball Association determined to reach an agreement with the FIBA, and in 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games for the first time by the professional players of the national team, and the "dream Team "at the foot of Jordan pair of Air Jordan 7 OG has become one of the beloved Sneaker mind. Air Jordan 7 was born in 1992, this is the second time Jordan won the NBA championship when wearing shoes, is Jordan in the "dream team" in the shoes. Air Jordan 7 undoubtedly has a very pleasing design, almost between the retro and modern appearance, especially the OG version of the gorgeous color, and followed by the special "9", let AirJordan 7 OG whole body exudes a natural Unit of distinguished atmosphere. When it as a re-engraved basketball shoes and reborn or become a pair of half-trend shoes, Air Jordan 7OG is a pair of special shoes, it is very beautiful and mature. At the same time, and almost all of the AJ series of shoes, this Air Jordan 7OG materials is very elegant, fine workmanship, attracting a lot of fans sought after.
<a href="">New Air Jordan Shoes</a> inspired by the tribal culture of Africa. I was walking, while thinking about the Air Jordan7 design, this time posted on the door of a poster in the grocery to attract my eyes. It was a poster about African culture, an African indigenous youth playing A local musical instrument. I recalled a few days ago, Michael and I met once, when it comes to Air Jordan 7, he hopes to join some vitality and entertainment elements. "I asked the owner of the grocery store whether to sell the poster to me, the boss refused, because he needed this poster to advertise the store's African goods.I told him I was AirJordan designer, and this poster just Is the source of the next generation of shoes design ideas.Hearing this, the boss bowed thought, said: 'You give me 15 dollars, posters sold to you, but you have to help me to redesign a. I do not hesitate to agree that this 'additional clause' very reasonable. "We are already a co-operative team, Tinker is very understanding of what kind of shoes I need, and his understanding of my daily life is inseparable . He was also an athlete, understand the needs of athletes and psychological. I trust Tinker. Although in a long period of time before, I do not want to and race, ethnic concept hook, but the Air Jordan 7 design really changed my view, let me feel the strong African cultural flavor.
<a href="">Jordans 2017</a>, The arrival of the Air Jordan 7 in 1992 continued pushing Michael Jordan's footwear into popular culture. Bugs Bunny replaced Spike Lee's "Mars Blackmon" as the pitchman and for the very first time, there were no Nike logos visible on the outside. Jordan won Of course, the most advanced Air-Sole of that era was not enough to provide adequate cushioning protection, which was easily oxidized. In the bottom, semi-ideal design of the big bottom, Air Jordan 7OG performance can only be mediocre. Wear resistance is adhering to the NIKE style has always been, the lack of external field of sufficient confidence. But these do not matter, a pair of rebirth of the classic shoes, which for us are acceptable.

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