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New Air Jordan Sneaker to coincide the 2016 Olympics in Rio

<a title="New Jordans 2016" href="">New Jordans 2016</a> inspired by the fighter, this is the first pair of specific inspiration from a Jordan shoes. Tinker Air Jordan 5 generations in the design before considering a lot, he thinks the Air Jordan 4 generation of technology has enough lead, a new generation of shoes should be more personal style of Jordan, not just behind closed doors making a pair of superior quality shoes. Jordan in the NBA arena has been all-powerful, and has won two NBA All-Star dunk contest champion, with the "fighter" this inspiration, Jordan is indeed deserved. So Air Jordan 5 in the bottom side with the World War II fighters from the head of the shark teeth of the pattern. Like to see the work of Inoue Takehito "SLAM DUNK" people, will not forget one of the protagonist of Liu Chuanfeng at the foot of the pair of Air Jordan 5, from the beginning to the end of the story, Liu Chuanfeng did not change shoes (wearing Is the Air Jordan 4, there have been Chuan Chuanfeng wearing Air Jordan 12 illustrations) In some specific images, Inoue Takehiko to the pair of Air Jordan 5 portrayed extremely meticulous.
Prior to the <a title="2016 Jordans For Sale" href="">2016 Jordans For Sale</a>, none of the models from the Air Jordan line that Jordan Brand had released had ever featured a clear rubber sole. The idea for the Air Jordan 5’s clear rubber sole came from the clear molding of the Nike sneaker worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future II. The Air Jordan 5 also marked the first time foam was molded into an Air Jordan sneaker’s upper. This "Olympic" inspired Air Jordan 5 is dressed in a White, Black, and Metallic Gold Coin color scheme. The shoe features a White-based leather upper with Black and Gold accents that includes a Metallic Gold tongue representing the Gold Medals given out during the Olympics. Finishing of the look is an icy translucent outsole.
<a title="Jordans 2017" href="">Jordans 2017</a> on behalf of the use of the material has been a great leap forward. First, the application of high-reflective material, Tinker said he wanted to achieve the purpose is that each time Jordan flying dunk, the tongue on the trapeze logo around the scene will reflect the dazzling flash of journalists flash; outsole with a transparent rubber, more Of people willing to put this material is called "crystal bottom", this material in the later a lot of Jordan shoes are in use; other upper material also has a very big progress, joined the Foam molding material, you can see the Air Jordan 5 The upper shoe is not the same as the traditional basketball shoes, only the cortex of the overlap, more concavity has caused the upper can be more effective in improving the protection of sports shoes; Finally, the upper plastic mesh material basically continues the Air Jordan 4 design, Enhance breathability, reduce the weight of shoes; shoelace controller in this generation is the first use, can avoid due to strenuous exercise led to the lace of repeated loosening. It is because of these new materials, technology, from the Air Jordan 5, at the time only from the shape can be seen on the Jordan series has been the first step into the field of modern basketball shoes. 5 on behalf of the Air Jordan series laid the two roads, the first road, each pair of Jordan shoes must have a strong personal style of Jordan, the second road, each pair of Jordan shoes must have innovative consciousness, and try to use the most innovative s material.

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