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The 2016 Nike Mag Back To The Future Mens Basketball Shoe

<a title="New Jordans 2016" href="">New Jordans 2016</a>, Since the 2016 Nike Mag debut, it is for it to start a variety of speculation, price, dress, etc. have become the SNEAKER ring annual top priority, the shoes of the media editors also received a special from Nike From the holiday greetings - The 2016 Nike Mag, automatic lace of the Nike Mag, really want to come. We are tempted to excitement in this rare time node, as we sorted out this pair of shoes, we can now understand everything. Michael J. Fox in the 1990 film "Mr. Hollywood" show symptoms of Parkinson's disease. In 1998, he made the disease public, a series of his advocacy of Parkinson's disease care, research career to multiply, with his social influence, more and more people began to pay attention to the survival of Parkinson's disease. He founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation is the world's Parkinson's patients benefit from its scientific research.
<a title="New Air Jordan Shoes" href="">New Air Jordan Shoes</a>, The official announcement before the release of information, people say, if you can have a pair of automatic lace with the Air Mag, as in the lottery prize so lucky. When your feet into the shoes, the soles of the feet feel the pressure, will automatically tighten the shoelaces, to tighten the process, the shoes inside the motor will issue a burst intoxicating sound, the pleasing degree, no less than super Sports car that accelerated the start of the iconic noise. Automatic lace system work is completed, the upper two buttons with arrows can continue to manually adjust the lace of elastic, so as to amend the package for different foot type. Mag 2011 The light switch on the upper is also placed with the shoelace adjustment button, and uses a different color to distinguish it. As for the shoes of the charging port, or as previously hidden in the shoes at the heel.
<a title="Jordans 2017" href="">Jordans 2017</a>, The 2016 Nike Mag this important product nature to invite heavyweight coffee release, Mark Parker personally for the 2016 Nike Mag kicked off. Nike is usually to improve the performance of athletes and make unremitting efforts with, but there are always some time, but also to do something with the ideal of things. For example, as early as 30 years ago, Nike for Spielberg's film masterpiece "Back To The Future" customized this pair of Nike Mag. Over time, Nike did not stop the pace of innovation and development. Automatic lacing system, this is full of science and technology, as well as innovative challenges of technology, and finally be broken. Although not the first, but the 2016 Nike Mag, is definitely the most watched pair. Automatic lacing system, let it fulfill the Nike's commitment. By hiding the buttons inside the upper, we can see three buttons for controlling the degree of lace elasticity.

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