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Well into the life of the project

This doesn t require much explanation, as it s well renowned for Kojima s creative antics. In the E3 trailer, a lot of features are shown such as shooting a curtain s rope constraints seen at 5:28 in the video above , and destructible objects such as wine bottles and fruit, all of which are interesting and unique, and made it into the final game. The baitandswitch Kojima gave us however, RS Gold was replacing the main character. Up until that point in the game s released footage, it had been assumed to be the returning main character Solid Snake that the player would take direct control over for the entire game. Of course, as we all know now, we got Raiden. This is probably the ultimate misrepresentation of an E3 showcased game, which noone really knew about until the game was released.

After finishing the tanker mission with Snake for the game s intro, most people were shocked to find out they had purchased a game where they would not be taking control of Snake, but Raiden. This was received well in Japan, as Raiden resembled an archetype hero appealing to Japanese culture. In the West however, there was definitely some outcry, Old School RS Gold despite the game still doing well in reviews, and eventually having fans coming around to the fact themselves and enjoying the game as it was made. This wasn t a common occurrence at this point however, so whilst it was an avantgarde way of developing a plottwist within a well known video game franchise, it wasn t so criticised, especially as the quality of the game was so high regardless of who starred in it.The next culprit is Halo 2 .

The documentary content that came in a Limited Edition of Halo 2 shows Bungie s development process and how late it was until the game would actually start to take shape. The game remained unfinished, and largely undesigned, well into the life of the project, and the team was starting to panic once E3 began looming. Without any real footage to show of anything concrete, the team quickly put together everything they had, and created an entirely scripted action sequence from start to finish, Buy RS Gold which never made it into the final game. Things such as advanced lighting effects and improved particles would never make it into the final release of Halo 2 . Other small features were dynamic moments such as a Brute jumping on top of a Warthog, and batting away the occupants of the vehicle, and the more exciting and dexterous triple melee combo with the Battle Rifle. These wow moments were only ever scripted for E3, and would never be seen again.

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