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Fort, and was and ever since had been, in the sole possession thereof; and the bill charged, that the swtor credits for sale said John and Benjamin, in the life time of the said John, and the said Benjamin, after the death of the said John, had received the rents and profits of the said property, to the amount of at least $60,000; and that the complainant was advised, and believed, that he had a right to ask and recover from the said Benjamin Story, the possession of the said property, and an account of the rents and profits thereof, the said conveyance of the same from the complainant having been made on a contract for the loan of money, and although in the form of a sale, in reality, only a pledge for the repayment of the same; the act by which he agreed to dispense with the sale being void and of no effect in law.The bill also prayed, that an account might be taken, under the direction of the court, between the complainant and the defendants to the bill, in which the complainant agreed he should be charged: 1st. With such sum as should be shown to have been advanced to him or paid on his account under the loan made to him on the 25th day of July 1822, with the interest which he agreed to pay, of eighteen per cent.
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