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Sugar Diabetes - The Seventh Leading

In order to successfully create prevention programs worldwide it is vital that world Diabetes Reducer   health organizations look to see what makes programs that are now in use successful. Because of the Native Americans' abnormally high level of diabetes and the large number of prevention programs in place within the community, they are particularly a good focal group. Successful diabetes prevention programs in Native American populations all have a combination of traditional methods and personal/community empowerment. In 2009 a group of researchers did a review of the literature on diabetes prevention in Native American communities, and found five programs that were exceptionally effective (Edwards 32). All the successful programs incorporated a large amount of personal and/or community support in addition to a focus on healthy living (Edwards 35). Having a strong support system, both individual and community, helps to make this prevention program far more effective. For world health organizations to make a program successful they should look at success of these five programs and mimic their value of a strong support structure. The individual culture of the target group must be taken into account in order to create a successful prevention program with an appropriate support network.

With a diabetic epidemic breathing down the on the world, it is time for world health organizations to make an earnest effort to help prevent diabetes in as many cases as possible. Type II diabetes is a very expensive to treat, but fortunately in many cases it is preventable or at least can be delayed. With the cost of treatment being so high, it is very important that prevention become the focus, but in order to be effective it is very vital that they make sure the programs that are implemented are as effective as possible. Native American populations have undergone a progression similar to that of the coming world population. Highly successful prevention programs follow the pattern of the Native American programs that incorporate element of the individual cultures and focus on personal empowerment and a strong support network.

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