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Fungus Destroyer

Over time, the iodine once again engage with its own receptors and restore full functionality once more. We do not realise how iodine contributes to so many aspects of our physical and emotional wellbeing. It is only when we lose it that we notice how terrible we feel both emotionally and physically. A few drops of the famous Lugol's iodine will not even out the score until the bromide factor is addressed. So, take it with a pinch of salt! Sue Visser is a health researcher and product developer for Nature Fresh Health Products. She is the author of the book Healthy Happy Eating for all blood types. ISBN 9 780958 458382. It is a fully illustrated and user friendly guide to eating for your blood type. The colour charts make food choices for the whole family very easy. The book includes a lot of self help protocols. Sue excels at using natural remedies that include your own food, herbs and spices for common ailments. Learn how to make juices, herb teas, tinctures and other natural remedies in the kitchen.

From the Nature Fresh website Sue runs Q & A sessions. She focuses on dietary and lifestyle causes of illness and ways to treat them. She gives out free detox protocols, recipes and suggestions that have helped many individuals to solve conditions that did not respond to conventional treatment. Her book provides dietary adjustments and natural ways to deal with allergies, stress, inflammation, obesity, diabetes, asthma and hormone balancing. What is the best method for the preliminary step of fighting candida infection as part of a full and holistic vaginal yeast infection solution? Are there foods that can stop vaginal yeast infection? The most recent medical studies reinforce the hypothesis that avoiding certain items while boosting the consumption of others may be the way to go.

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