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Ancient Japanese Dog Breed

Cat Spraying No More

Some dog house doors actually channel rain inside, the K-9 Kondo rain shield and door prevents even wind-driven rain from getting inside. Even with six inches of standing water outside, your dog will be kept dry with the K-9 Kondo.

The K-9 Kondo is superior to other brands of manufactured dog houses costing up to twice as much. You will also save time and money over homemade versions.Bred to work, they require a fair amount of daily exercise. If they don't get it, they will get into trouble finding "something" to do. Two brisk walks daily and a little wiggle and waddle time around the yard, and a Westie is ready for a short nap. This is not an outside dog. Your Westie would much rather keep you company on the couch, than be delegated to the backyard alone for hours.

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