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The Heart in Paper and Card Making

Since ancient times, tea and coffee have found place as comestibles in common households. Earlier used typically for medicinal purposes, they quickly found acceptance as a mode of lifestyle. Arts and Crafts Classes Chennai Hosting tea parties and gatherings alike was a trend that was closely followed by the aristocratic lot. Even the commons incorporated extensive bonding and recreation over tea and coffee.

Owing to the popular use of tea, various kinds of specific utensils were designed for the. The earliest sign of development of the first tea set belongs to the period of 260 BC to 220 BC. The Chinese were the first people to have developed and used these tea sets. Tea in their culture stood apart mostly for its healing properties. These sets were crafted out of porcelain with their features and intricate designs varying prominently from North of China towards the South. The ones in the North were necessarily white while the ones in the north had a blue tinge to them.

Similarly, coffee is known to have its originating grounds in East Africa. From there, its health and trade benefits were recognized by the Arabs Who later adopted its cultivation practices. Hence, the Middle East and surrounding Arab countries have had a major contribution in the advancement of pottery and creatively crafted tea and coffee sets.

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