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Antioxidants and Brain Health

Alzheimer's Defense Program

Exercise - Exercise not only fights chronic diseases, it can improve your brainpower and function, elevate and balance your mood, fight depression and even boost your IQ! The benefits of regular physical activity are immeasurable. There are certain amino acids that your brain needs to function that cannot be found in any food. They are only produced through aerobic exercise!

Eat a balanced diet - Even with an alkaline diet or supplement, proper hydration, and exercise, your body will still need many other vitamins, minerals and nutrients to thrive. You still need to eat healthy, even if you are taking multi-vitamins and other supplements.

Stay Positive - Did you know that negative emotions can actually create metabolic acids in your brain that are then deposited into your fatty tissues? A depressive episode, a fit of anger, anxiety, or just a general negative outlook can cause as much acidity in your brain and body as a can of coke! Living a healthy lifestyle, balancing your pH, drinking enough water and exercising will have you feeling great and help to retain a positive and energetic attitude.

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