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Diets and Losing Weight

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You should be keeping track of all the foods, morsels of food and bites of food that you are taking as you begin your dieting journey. It's important to have a reference point as to what you have been eating before you started your diet and what you are eating during your dieting phase. This can give you insight on how to tweak what you are eating for better results and it can also demonstrate any weaknesses you have. Sometimes we don't realize that we take in more food than need because we rationalize those bites of cookie, that handful of nuts saying it's not a meal, just a peanut or two but in reality, it can add up to just that amount of calories that keeps you from dropping your weight.

If you write about how you were successful today at maintaining your diet and keeping a positive attitude about it, then you will have something to go back to and review when you aren't feeling motivated or encouraged about your weight loss. Keeping good records, especially your emotional set point, will help your mind see the hard-core facts of your success and actions.Success is a feeling. If you want to lose weight and feel good about yourself, then keeping a diet journal is the key to this accomplishment. When you feel good about yourself, your actions and your eating habits, that is when you'll feel successful. Keeping track of your feelings will be your step-by-step process to a better you."Anne Dessens is the founder of - your one-link to everything 'self-improvement': diet, recipes, running & walking, deep breathing, success, journaling, energy and universal laws.

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