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Computer Memory - Upgrade for High Speed

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20/20 Vision System

This triggered an exciting desire to learn everything they could about memory construction and the ability of the mind/brain learning processes. A dozen of workshop attendees, at their workshops took on the role of guinea pigs and memorized thousands of items providing a constant flow of data and critical feedback. This assisted the memory experts a great deal of knowledge on coupling positive psychology with experiential training and was helpful in formulating the model of memory formation using mnemonic devices. Even though some that were used throughout similar techniques throughout history and modeled the phenomena occurring in the synapse they were determined to shorten the learning curve and at the same time improve comprehension and retention values. The many workshops that were conducted over the past 21 years contributed to the analysis of evolutionary aspects of optimization of memory by mental file folders and vivid visualization. Learning difficulties and inefficient retention problems made the experts relate to the model of intermittent learning and simulation of ionic currents during the transmission of action potential in nerve cells. A dozen different workshops showed that the expert memory trainers must use these experiential methods in one cohesive theory that would encompass molecular, behavioral, psychological, and even societal bias and norms in aspects of the training. The training experts have never claimed to have discovered the neuro-plasticity phenomena of the brain. They do take credit for implementation or use or applicability to uncover at least several important and probably never published or frequently used properties or ability of the mind and memory. Their intentions are to validate these theories in the academic arena in psychology with emphasis in neuroscience sometime in the near future. The expert mnemonics trainers have done so somewhat just in the increased ability of those having attended the 7-hr. Cognitive Memory Training workshop in the last 21 years they have delivered.

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