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The outsole on the Kige

The outsole on the Kiger 3 makes an attempt to address some of the shortcomings of the v1 and v2 outsole.  First, it closes the “outsole ring” at the big toe.  I wish they’d have just closed it all the way around, but what they did do creates a little more control at toe off and edging on that medial <a href="">Nike Air Cortez Femme</a> side.  Second, the lugs are deeper, <strong>Nike Air Max Classic BW Femme</strong> there are more of them, and the heel actually <a href="">Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost Dames</a> has lugs that provide some traction, albeit <a href="">Nike Air Max 95 Homme</a> with a rounded design that still adds too much <a href="">Nike Air Max Zero Femme</a> weight with little benefit.

I initially thought <strong>Nike Air Max Zero Femme</strong> I would like the extra lug, but it turns out that it contributed to ruining the ride for me.  The shoe now has very little float (some small sliding on foot strike) on downhills, and instead just sticks on landing and robs responsiveness from the midsole.  This goes back to reaffirming my view that shoes with deeper or more lug need less stack height and narrower profiles.

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