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Mens Nike Kobe 11 Sneakers 2016 For Sale Online

In this <a href="">New Jordans 2016</a> pairs of shoes in the cooperation, Kobe Bryant and Avar for how to personal stories into signature shoes set a very high standard. KOBE 11 first color Achilles Heel is no exception. Color using dark red and black shoes cleverly to the Greek mythology of the demigod heroes Achilles, as well as Bryant's career tribute to his career. Kobe Bryant series includes basketball shoes, basketball clothes and other inspired by the great basketball champion designed to complete the basketball equipment. Nike Bryant basketball shoes, the use of Flywire fly line technology to create ultra-light support, use Nike Zoom cushioning technology to provide low-key impact protection. Nike Bryant basketball clothes, allowing you to field regardless of field, the same charm, following the 11th generation Bryant Elite version of the introduction of Barcelona color, EM version also followed the footsteps, made a front of this Nike Kobe 11 EM "Barcelona" Boots. Nike Kobe 11 EM "Barcelona" shoe body with bright orange EM engineering fabric to create, a black outsole and shoe body Nike Swoosh echoes, bringing a unique Catalan style.
<a href="">Cheap Jordans 2016</a>, From the 2004 Nike Huarache 2K4 start, Kobe Bryant signature shoes through the legendary star Kobe Bryant and Nike Eric Avar's efforts to bring technological innovation for the basketball field, including Flywire technology to Nike Free for the inspiration of natural rhythm , Advanced ontology and Flyknit technology. At the same time, Bryant series is less of a continuation of the design philosophy. The combination of these values ​​completely changed people's expectations of the performance of basketball shoes, which will Bryant in the active stage of the last pair of boots - KOBE 11 on the continuation. KOBE 11 with a low design to enhance the progress, condensed Kobe signature shoe series design essence: high performance, lightweight, excellent responsiveness and simple design. "The design of the KOBE 11 embodies the philosophy that the overall strength is far greater than the sum of the parts," says Avar. KOBE 11 incorporates a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fiber line to provide superior toughness using a more advanced Flyknit technology. TPU precision positioning according to demand to strengthen the upper toughness, without sacrificing strength to achieve the case of lightweight. Flyknit upper directly connected with the outsole, outsole with groundbreaking soles of the pattern - this is the long-term perseverance in Avar and Kobe Bryant stadium foot grip and grip the nuances of the results. KOBE 11 with embedded in the end, where the application of Nike Zoom Air cushion at the heel to respond to cushioning, before the palm of the hand using the Nike Lunarlon foam to ensure comfort. Light in the end also introduced groove design, so that the foot can be natural rhythm and bending.
<a href="">New Jordans 2017</a>, Low to help design and simple outline of the feeling is very familiar. You may think this pair of shoes deja vu. A closer look is not the case. See the pearl fiber on the shoes yet? This is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fiber, which represents advances in technology. Despite the fine, but more robust Nike Flyknit technology has announced the arrival of innovation. On the day based on Kobe 11 EM shoes launch of the Kobe record theme Mamba Day NIKEiD completely sold out, becoming the history of the most successful NIKEiD project. The starting color is Achilles' Heel, Achilles heel, in the right heel is presented the head of the famous Greek mythology. With the left heel scars, it is estimated to want to express a powerful Ares also has the meaning of Achilles heel, to tell you that even if the Lakers will continue to lose, Bryant Bryant that is also the God of War, please continue to shout slogans, Do not give up the faith for the Black Mamba.

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