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Top 50 with an overall player rating of FIFA 17

FIFA 17 and FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Top Players

Matuidi, the frenchman who makes a living at PSG, scapes into the Top 50 with an overall player rating of 86. He's not the tallest man to play defensive midfield, but he's strong and excellent at providing cover for the back four.It is your chance to buy some Fifa 17 coins from online sites Fifa 17 coins.

Real Madrid's left back isn't the fastest in the world, but he's an excellent dribbler with strong defensive ability. He also has great hair.

If you want a player with pace, FIFA 17 Coins Dortmund's Aubameyang has it in abundance. An incredible pace rating of 96 and strong shooting make up for being a little too easily pushed around.See more news and guides for playing Cheap fifa 17 coins game at our site, you can also buy the FIFA Coins from us.

West Ham fans must pinch themselves every time they see Payet wearing their colours. He had an amazing season in the Premier League last year, and with dribbling and passing stats at 87 he's one of the best in the game.

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