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Messi has play 23 finals for Barcelona

Spanish Cool Cup added round, Messi got aboriginal ambition in the division with a not accepted header. In allowance Barcelona win at the aforementioned time, Messi aswell put his club final scoring almanac to abide to improve. gameshop4u acicular out that Messi play for Barcelona so far a absolute of 23, buy cheap fifa 17 coins and denticulate an amazing 24 goals!

So far, Messi has play 23 finals for Barcelona, played a absolute of 29 games. Champions League, King's Cup, the Club Apple Cup final, the European Cool Cup is a individual bold will be played, alone the Spanish Cool Cup is a two-round antagonism system. In this 23 finals, Barcelona 19 wins, alone four times to lose the title.

But compared to the club's success, Messi in the civic team's achievement is embarrassing. Messi led Argentina to a absolute of four finals, all the after-effects of Argentina loses. Two of which were absent in a amends shootout, and already absent in overtime. In the final four games, Messi 0 goals 0 assists, he could not alone bear on promises to win fifa 17 points.

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