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Chris Paul Zoom Air Jordan CP3.IX AE Mens Basketball Shoes

In the <a href="">New Jordans 2016</a> basketball series which, CP3 shoes always bring a different feeling; such as in recent years, when most of the shoes are replaced by the flying center of gravity FLIGHTPLATE cushioning system, CP3 series still maintain the speed of the first Design until now the latest ninth generation CP3.IX, for this consolidated JORDAN genealogy on the point guard branch. Although the whole set of FLIGHTPLATE system design is not used in CP3 shoes, but its "UNLOCK" ZOOM AIR concept from CP3.VII began to seep into the CP3 series, this year's CP3.IX more obvious, it seems the designer wants to try For the CP3 series to bring innovation and change. CP3.IX CP3 series to retain the traditional shape, low-tube shoes with partial round toe, showing the profile of streamlined car; uppers are used with CP3.VIII AE the same mesh, and artificial leather to separate the different intervals , And under the mesh with a thin layer of cotton to enhance comfort and protection effect. Soft surface design, CP3.VIII AE already show flexibility, soft effect, CP3.IX of the upper also maintain the same design and performance, as far as possible to wear the players to reduce the time to adapt to improve the overall flexibility .
<a href="">Cheap Jordans 2016</a>, Built to meet the demands of athlete Chris Paul, the Jordan® CP3.IX AE is ideal for speedy and aggressive play. A unique 9-chamber Zoom Air unit in the forefoot region delivers responsive cushioning and allows for explosive take-offs. The innovative web-lacing system adds secure lockdown support, while the internal one-piece sleeve wraps the foot for a customized fit. Custom athlete details are featured throughout for a one-of-a-kind shoe. The whole design of the ZOOM AIR FLIGHTPLATE system is very close to the same ZOOM AIR will be set in the outer soles and outer cover, the design is slightly prominent, So that ZOOM AIR closer to the ground; CP3.VII has emerged in the prominent hexagonal ZOOM AIR, and CP3.IX use a larger area of ​​ZOOM AIR is the largest ever, design and ZOOM AIR divided into nine cell grid, which Paragraph design has been used for AIR JORDAN 2012, the purpose is to make an instant response to the steering and cushioning effect, in order to achieve the effect of [UNLOCK ZOOM AIR]; but the whole end of the CP3.IX did not join PEBAX cushioning Board, just use a double-density cushioning insoles, so it does not belong to FLIGHTPLATE family. This unique shape ZOOM AIR, in addition to imitation FLIGHTPLATE system shape, its design symbolizes the heart of the dragon; dragon heart believe Xiaobian I have never seen, but this ZOOM AIR has become the whole double CP3. IX focus.
<a href="">Air Jordan CP3.IX AE</a> X with engineering mesh upper, light and breathable, fit the foot shape. Front palm Zoom Air cushion, cast outstanding resilient cushioning performance. Innovative shoelace system integration shoe body joint process, to create 360-degree all-round locking effect. Injection Phylon in the end of both lightweight cushioning performance and extraordinary stability. Hard rubber outsole with chevron-shaped shading, creating extraordinary grip and wear resistance. Filled heel notches enhance comfort and prevent heel slippage. The test shoes are luminous rubber soles, in the indoor wood floor on the grip performance is quite good, but in the outdoor test, the sole material and shoes more easily stained with dust, a direct impact on the grip effect; if often in Outdoor wear, choose other soles material CP3.IX should be more suitable. ZOOM AIR forefoot slightly protruding design, so ZOOM AIR can make a more direct and comprehensive response, but at the same time represents the location of the more easy to wear, especially in the inside of the ZOOM AIR small grid, has a very fine shoe lines, For turning movements, wear-resistant degree will be reduced, <strong></strong> online shoe lines are also easy to wear, suitable for indoor venues.

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