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Michael Jordan Wearing The New Air Jordans 2017 Sneakers

<a href="">Cheap Jordans 2016</a>, Needless to say, these two days all "Branch honey" are boiling, and you say why? Because "ZK1" to re-engraved. The major media are crazy shoes forward with this message - Nike Zoom Kobe 1 will officially return in the near future. It is true that, as we know, even though the previous "Masters of the Road" and "FTB" series, although there are "ZK1", but extremely limited "identity" is also So that most players daunting. So the "ZK1" to return to the form of large goods, naturally get a voice. At the same time, both for Kobe shoes or Kobe fans, in the latest signature shoes continue to launch at the same time, also re-engraved after the "old shoes" is also a great joy. Of course, today we are not the protagonist "ZK1", but to talk about those never returned Kobe shoes, we carefully selected five pairs, and give them a line up.
<a href="">New Jordans 2016</a> for sale online, In 2008, Nike Zoom Kobe 4 before the official listing, Kobe I wore such a pair of shoes to play games, and played more than one - it has Zoom Kobe 4 of the big bottom, and Hyperdunk (08) of the upper, it was Known as the Nike Hyperdunk Zoom Kobe 4 Hybrid ... ... the name is very long, but as we said earlier, it combines the "ZK4" and "HD08". As for Kobe why wear this pair of shoes is still a fan, from two point of view its birth is contradictory - first, if Kobe Braynt is to adapt to the "ZK4" at the end of wearing this pair of orders People incredible shoes, it is completely unreasonable, because from the "HD08" to "ZK4" outsole configuration is the forefoot Lunarlite and the back of the palm Zoom Air, this is the "adaptation" is completely unnecessary; another , If that Kobe is reluctant to help design high to continue to choose "HD08" of the upper, it is even more unpredictable. Because as we know, from the "ZK4" start, Kobe Braynt and Eric Avar began a crazy "low to help" trip, or even reference to the design of football shoes inspiration ... ... so this pair of like Air Jordan 1.5 like Nike Hyperdunk Zoom Kobe 4 Hybrid, perhaps is the most mysterious and most charm Kobe shoes.
This is a very low-key <a href="">New Jordans 2017</a>, but also a pair of very Kobe Kobe shoes ... ... so very hard to pronounce, but it seems that is the case. Kobe career three consecutive crowns are wearing The Kobe 1 won, it seems to be big bread fame and the rebirth of the rebirth of the reasons, and The Kobe Two seems to be into the limbo, has never been engraved, Even more so after the pair of adidas The Kobe 3 ... ... Of course, we do not forget these - Kobe wearing the Kobe Two in his hometown Philadelphia won the All-Star Game MVP, even Accompanied by a full field of boos. In addition, The Kobe Two also has such as the "Stars and Stripes" this memorable color, but more importantly, the Kobe Two heel followed by the Kobe silhouette that is at first sight ... ... In short, it did not regenerate, it is worth We look forward to.

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