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In game one of the most obvious visual change is football, "a sense of weight" increases. "Weight sense" on the one hand from the ball of change, on the one hand from the sound fifa coins reinforcement. FIFA 16 in passing faster than its predecessor have some reduced, but more realistic. Sound reinforcement, although significantly increased "sense of weight, " but the games than the television, the sound slightly exaggerated. FIFA 16 has become through the midfield is not so easy, it would be an improvement for the defects of its predecessor. The reason for such a change is mainly due to several aspects. First, more intelligent AI defense, in many cases if the AI?? to predict the long ball can be truncated, AI players may start steals a pass in advance. Second player defensive area has expanded more through the defensive side of the ball players will be off. Unreasonable pass the ball accurately rate has dropped, now reflexive ball hard to spread his feet teammates, sometimes unreasonable passing of the ball is a major departure from the direction of their expectations or pass power too small??? Finally, in fact , is more obvious change is that the accuracy of cross decline further close to reality. So comprehensive view FIFA 15 crazy scenes exchange and defense conversion should be difficult to reproduce in FIFA 16 years. Although the defense has improved, but the attack did not appear to any change fut 17 coins of AI. One consequence of this is: Sometimes Offence came after the ball, the ball players are not approached collusion, but was approached defensive player off. FIFA 15, even as I hand disabled, but also occasionally by the player's personal ability to complete "one-stop. " Acceleration and effect in FIFA 15 Skill Moves are put in too much, causing the game to the authenticity of the greatly reduced. Fortunately in FIFA Demo 16, the acceleration and FIFA 15 Skill Moves and abnormal nice fake shot effects are weakened. However , as one of the new features of this work without the ball dribbling it seems not very obvious, there is a reduced possibility tasteless. Also FIFA 16Demo the shot more similar and FIFA 15, long-range shooting is still low, but there has been headed rub shot and strengthened, but is open to question whether the excessive strengthening. In addition to friendly mode, as FIFA 16 in two important new features - Women and FUT Draft mode is also available in the demo Demo. In fact , and with the men's soccer team in the four-star not very different feeling to play with feelings FIFA women's football tournament, but FIFA was seen in the Steel buy fifa 17 coins Roses are running and some of the long hair fluttering valiant, the feeling is still very fresh. Through FUT Draft mode, players can have the opportunity to use those astronomical UT mode players card. And through trial run, this probability is not too low.

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