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Latest Air Jordan 31 XXX1 Olympic 2016 Sneaker Online

The <a href="">Air Jordan XXX1</a> also has the same blue color on the tongue and on the shoelaces. The holes for the shoelaces are embroidered with the neon green color that serves as highlight for the dominant blue uppers. Other shoes reported with Air Jordan releases 2016 for the said Olympics focus on USA colorways. However, this line has colorways that represent the city as it utilizes the colors used on Brazil's flag. The main colors used for this line is blue and neon green. The colors are placed with gradient effect, starting with blue at the ankle area towards the middle part of the footwear. The middle part of the footwear starts with knitted blue color where the green color is started to be integrated until they fully cover the toe area. This effect gives the footwear a unique look that suits the representation of the host city.
The <a href="">New Jordans 2016</a> Olympic Colorways is an upcoming new Air Jordan 31 that's inspired by the popular Air Jordan 1 Olympic Colorways release. As a nod to MJ's famous dunk that shattered the backboard. This release comes dressed in a similar color scheme as the Olympic Colorways Air Jordan 1s. Russell Westbrook finally unveils the release during his Asia tour with GQ in Taiwan. Jordan Brand is embracing past controversies — as the latest kicks in the Air Jordan line are a tribute to the original shoes which created a ton of controversy and momentum. The Jordan brand unveiled the new Air Jordan XXXI's at an event in Las Vegas on Wednesday night and social media lost its mind. the Air Jordan XXXI's feature a red and black colorway with a leather upper — a Jordan symbol and a Nike swoosh present for the first time since the Jordan I. There is also Jordan "Jumpman" branding as well as a very apparent Nike "Swoosh" The Air Jordan XXX1 looks like it is the perfect mesh of past and present.
<a href="">New Jordans 2017</a> is not short of branding either. The Jumpman logo is placed on the upper, embroidered in green thread. The foot of this Jumpman logo somehow integrates the same green color. After the Jumpman logo is the Swoosh icon that eventually appears due to the knitting effect. It's a good way of branding the piece and appeals to all the people getting this model. While the uppers are composed of vibrant blue and green colors, the outsole is made of unique color combination. It has the rubber white outsole serving as outline. The middle part is composed of icy translucent outsole with pink color serving as background color. The Jumpman logo is placed using blue color. The upper part of the midsole also has the same color theme, which is complementary of the entire Air Jordan XXX1 Rio design. The green color started from the ankle area then changes to the blue color towards the front. This line of color serves as good accent to the white midsole and outsole.

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