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Pandora Heart Charms Sale UK

The previous Pandora Jewellery UK Sale were a bit hit and miss with collectors; some loved the 2014 Club charm’s originality, others found it too boxy. On the other hand, the Club charm for 2015 was much easier to style but some thought it a bit boring. I think the 2016 Club charm offers the best of both worlds; its design is intricate and interesting, while also being highly decorative and aesthetically pleasing. It’s so easy to style while also adding a bit of interest to your bracelet!

I am very pleased to learn that there will be a Pandora Charms Sale UK after all! The tier discount concept seems fine to me. I definitely have to purchase the new celestial bracelet! I am obsessed with the celestial theme and am absolutely thrilled to see more charms being released in the Winter collection! I’m not that enthused with the Autumn collection, but that’s actually a relief because somehow, there are always numerous charms on my never ending wish list! Oh, and I am also very excited about the snowflake bangle in the Winter collection too!

Pandora Heart Charms Sale UK is addictive and I realize this week-end that I am an addict ;-). I’ve just bought the new starry sky bracelet and it’s gorgeous. And more and more I read the review of Ellie and all the comments, I get some new ideas… And more I look into the Pandora world, more my addiction grows :-) As you said it’s better this one than some other :-))) So, I’ve just get a third bracelet and begin to style it on the theme of stars and sky. I call it the Starry Light blue night sky bracelet….yeah yeah….I know it’s ridiculous, you could laugh at me like my all friends…. Anyway my point is that even if i’ve just started a third bracelet, I am already thinking to the next one, the fourth and the 3 other one are far from complete… I chose a theme for each of them so it will take time. I have to be patient… and it feels like Pandora release new charms almost every day, so every day I have new ideas of combination, styling…….Yes I am definitely an addict :-)

The thing I like about this new Pandora Love Charms UK Sale is that the clasp offers something a bit different, without being at all awkward or difficult to do up – as the heart-clasp bracelets can sometimes be. The spherical clasp is the perfect canvas for a custom design while remaining very practical to put on and take off. I’ve heard speculation from some commenters (nothing official!) that Pandora might eventually replace the barrel clasp with the spherical clasp. I would be super sad personally to see the classic barrel clasp go, but this new clasp is pretty!

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