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Pandora Heart Birthstone Charms sale

Obviously, I couldn’t resist getting my previous two Pandora Charms sale cheap out as well and putting them all together! This is a mini bangle design in honour of all the Pandora Club charms to date, with a little dash of gold and moonstone cabochon to finish off the look. I usually prefer bracelets with a little more colour, but the Club charms do hold their own!

The previous Pandora Essence Charms cheap were a bit hit and miss with collectors; some loved the 2014 Club charm’s originality, others found it too boxy. On the other hand, the Club charm for 2015 was much easier to style but some thought it a bit boring. I think the 2016 Club charm offers the best of both worlds; its design is intricate and interesting, while also being highly decorative and aesthetically pleasing. It’s so easy to style while also adding a bit of interest to your bracelet!

There are always a few Pandora Family Charms sale cheap pieces I like to indulge in along with the charms. I’ve mentioned before that I like the jewelry just as much!! I am interested in the vintage allure collection. I would like to pick up the ring, charm, and drop earrings. I noticed the drop earrings were in your picture on the top of the preview but not in the actual earring section. Are they exclusive to a certain area? I also think the radiant hearts of Pandora rings look pretty. I wonder if the stones will be the same color as the enamel? It’s hard to tell in that photo. I agree with you in that they would be great to stack. I think the birthstone rings look pretty but I already have the original birthstone ring that I love. It’s still weird for me that Pandora is doing an Origami Owl necklace. I liked the mini one in your other Fall preview but I won’t be getting the larger one pictured here.

A lot of people feel the same way as you Pandora Flower Charms cheap sale people have been complaining about the pavé for a long time! But I think that there are still some gorgeous pieces that come out, even if the balance between the plain silver/pavé beads is not always what I would like. It is sad to see so many of the gorgeous classic beads retiring too…

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