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Other executives last FIFA 17 Coins

Soler Barcelona club executives and other executives last year, the Italian Braida negotiations to Turin with Juventus, in a press conference on Thursday, Soler disclose the relevant buy fifa coins details. "Last summer we had reached an agreement with Juventus, won the right of first refusal in case of sale Boge Ba's Juventus.

We obtained the relevant commitments, but ultimately did not sell Juventus Boge Ba, we also can not be activated right of first refusal. "

Soler also said: "At that time Barcelona is in buy fifa coins the electoral process, is in charge of the club's interim Bureau, after the elections, we have to complete those signings we are ready to go to Turin to do two things.

First, make a decision to gain time for the new chairman, the buy fifa coins second is to get the players right of first refusal, so others can not take away. now, Barcelona has been the primary plan is not here. "

Barcelona then the action is successful, Soler said:. "Juventus did not want to give us what our relationship has been very good pre-emptive rights, in addition, Braida also offers buy fifa coins a great help that. can only say that is an action rather than a single operation, because we did not sign anything, just gave us that, in the buy fifa coins case of a sale Boge Ba Barcelona can purchase priority. our job is to make sure that no one can beat us, we were also done. "

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