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Juan Pablo Galavis, former pro soccer player, single father and star of this season's The Bachelor, Golden Goose Sneakers is blogging for each week about the ladies, the dates and the difficult decisions he faces. You can also follow Juan on Twitter @JuanPaGalavis.

It's hard not to begin this blog talking about my country, Venezuela, but I'm glad that I can write every week, that I can say whatever I want and express my feelings and thoughts.

This has been a very difficult week for me. I thought I was only going to have to worry Golden Goose UK about what to get Camila for her birthday and what decorations to get for her Frozen party. However, the students in Venezuela decided to take to the streets to march for peace and ended up clashing violently with police. Seeing my country suffer and only being able to help by posting videos and comments on social media makes me very sad, but there is nothing else I can do right now. I feel helpless.

Back to Miami, what I now call my hometown ...

I was anticipating this trip because it's really time for me to start making crucial decisions about moving forward. I needed to figure out not only which women I would have to send home, but also which families I wanted to meet. Although that was weighing on my mind, I was the most excited about seeing mi bebe (my baby) and my family. Seeing Camila, my parents and my cousin, Rodolfo, was great. I talk to Rodolfo everyday and we had so much to talk about after six weeks away.

Yacht Time with SharleenWith two one-on-one dates and a group date, I definitely wanted to clear my doubts about Sharleen. During all of the conversations that we've had, (sorry you guys didn't get to see 90 percent of them) I knew she was having a very hard time in this process.

I gave Sharleen the first one-on-one, a yacht ride where we had plenty of time to talk and to figure out where my feelings were towards her and vice versa. During the day, we paddle boarded from the yacht to a small island, but I'm glad you didn't get to see that! My paddle boarding skills are terrible! It was my first time doing it and as I am a heavy gordito (fatty). I fell off my board in the first 20 seconds. Sharleen was a pro. My whole date with her was very smooth so I didn't have many concerns, because when we were together, everything seemed perfect.

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