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After the Orcs under King Obould of the Many arrows tribe were sent to Neverwinter and ended up taking control of the Tower district; it was only a matter of time before the cries of half orc children would be heard. Thanks to the developers of Neverwinter this race is thus included as one of the playable to choose from. Like the Half Elves, the best of both human and orc are carried through in this race.
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I know exactly what you mean. I have loved Warhammer since I first did the rpg over 20 years ago. If they get the setting right (and the video demos so far have looked the part) then I am going to lose so much of my life in that game. Both were appropriate gesticulations. It can be felt in the deepest, driest sockets of the spirit. There's a clutching intensity to how Rateliff abandons all good intentions for the cold comfort of the bottle one that's made radio stations question the song's moral value while still resigning to play it (a lot).
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