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Michelle Obama is giving us an ultimatum: Start Golden Goose Sneakers getting in shape or risk disappointing Queen Bey.

In honor of the fifth anniversary of her "Let's Move" fitness campaign, the FLOTUS is asking Americans to introduce five healthy new habits (dubbed #Gimme5) into their usual routine of ice cream and Netflix.

"I want kids, parents, maybe even a few celebrities, to give me five ways to be healthy," Obama said in a fun promotional video posted to Facebook on Monday.

And now Beyoncé's joined the party, posting a hyper-speed Golden Goose UK workout video to her Instagram page that would make the average couch potato sweat just watching it.

The First Lady took notice and reposted Bey's marathon exercise session to the official FLOTUS Twitter page ' with a caption that would guilt any BeyHive diehard into hitting the treadmill. So start moving ... and never let down the Beygency!

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