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Wood flooring installation methods

Wood flooring installation methods: laying solid wood flooring should base panel, the base panel Daixinban use. After the completion of floor coverings, the first with a plane surface planing Planing the Outdoor Translucent Panels for Fencing surface of the floor swept clean after brushing the floor paint, polishing wax process. All wood flooring transported to the construction site after installation, unpacking should be stored indoors more than a week, so that the wood floor and the room temperature and humidity prior to use to adapt.
It should be carried out before the selection of the wood floor installation, excluding the obvious quality defects of non-conforming product. The consistent color pattern shop in the same room, there was a slight defect but does not affect the quality of use, use can be placed at the bottom balcony flooring outdoor carpet of the bed, cabinets and other furniture, it must be the same thickness in the same room. Actual pavement area should increase the purchase of 10% of the loss of a complete purchase. Pavement wooden floor keel should use the back of the species, wood keel, skirting boards easily deformed pine, fir, etc. should be embalmed.
Paving solid wood floor construction should be avoided in heavy rain, rain and other weather conditions. Construction is best to keep the indoor temperature and humidity stable. Same room wooden floor coverings should once finished, so to have sufficient materials, and to protect tongue and groove plastic boards for house porch the finished product in a timely manner to prevent contamination of surface oil collapse, fruit juice. When you install a timely manner to wipe out the glue. Fourth, note stick-wood floor tiling to ensure that the ground can not afford to sand cement mortar, crack is not empty, grass-roots must be clean.

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