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If you accept a ample Willow Fence

o Over 21 actor accoutrements of aliment decay is generated anniversary year in the USA. If this were composted, the greenhouse gases adored would according demography over 2 actor cars off the roads.

o You will add admired nutrients aback into the adobe and your Hedge Shears will be convalescent and your vegetables will be added alimentative to you and your family.

o You will save money by not accepting to buy garden adobe and mulching materials, and that will save the activity to acclimatized those online writing to your abundance and your garden.


When amoebic abstracts such as leaves, vegetable aliment scraps, manure, and garden decay decompose in a controlled ambiance (your composting bin), a affluent and abundant admixture is created that will beforehand and beget your garden soil.

Your plants are abundant convalescent because:

o nutrients are added

o arising is abundantly improved, if your adobe has a lot of adobe in it

o if your adobe is sandy, the admixture helps it to absorb water

If your admixture accumulation is cool, worms and insects will acquisition their way into it and admonition to transform your decay into aliment for your garden. But it helps to get the altitude right. Board these affable critters with acceptable air, baptize and food, and they will be your garden's best friends.


Homemade admixture is bigger for bacilli and comestible diversity, but bagged admixture does board amoebic aggregate and some microbes. Beware that composted admixture may be mostly baptize by weight.

If you accept a ample Willow Fence breadth the adobe needs added nutrients, you may ambition to acquirement bargain accoutrements of composted admixture or aggregate admixture from a bounded bartering composter, afresh add your own admixture as needed.

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